Intraoperative MRI Suite

At Minnesota Epilepsy Group we perform almost all our epilepsy surgeries in partnership with United & Children’s Hospital at the John Nasseff Neuroscience Center Intraoperative MRI Suite.  This operating suite is the only one of its kind in the Twin Cities metro area offering 2 surgical suites and a diagnostic suite.  During epilepsy and tumor surgery, intraoperative MRI scans can be acquired during surgery to help give the neurosurgeon valuable decision making information.

3D electrode grid with MSI seizure dipoles

We also use image guided surgical planning/navigation in combination with various imaging techniques to help map out brain function, seizure location, and anatomically guide the neurosurgeon during surgery.   Our program combines data from long term EEG monitoring (LTM), Magnetic Source Imaging (MSI), and Intraoperative MRI (IMRI) to provide better outcomes for surgical patients.