Pediatric epilepsy monitoring services and FAQ

Children’s Minnesota epilepsy monitoring services are moving from the 5th floor unit at the Children’s Minnesota St Paul hospital to a unit on the 8th floor at the Children’s Minnesota Minneapolis hospital. The targeted opening date is August 22nd, 2023. Below are a few updates and answers to questions you may have.

The preliminary date set for the move will be August 22, 2023. While we will continue to provide monitoring services for existing/urgent consultations, there will be no scheduled non-urgent admissions between 08/14/2023 and 08/25/2023.

The Minnesota Epilepsy Group will not be providing consultation services at the St. Paul location after August 22nd. Children with seizures who come to the Children’s Minnesota Saint Paul hospital by ambulance will be transferred to the Children’s Minnesota Minneapolis hospital if they need to be seen by a Minnesota Epilepsy Group doctor.

Epilepsy monitoring services will be located at the Children’s Minnesota – Minneapolis hospital located at 2525 Chicago Avenue, Minneapolis, MN, 55404. You will check in at the 2nd floor Welcome Center. Then you will be directed to the unit located on the 8th floor.
Epilepsy monitoring services will be on a unit that looks like a typical hospital unit. The unit is specially designed to continue to provide the highest-quality epilepsy care you’ve come to expect from Minnesota Epilepsy Group.
The rooms will look very similar to the rooms in St. Paul. There will be a hospital bed for the patient, a couch/bed for the parents/guardians, a mini fridge, and light storage for personal belongings.
All of Minnesota Epilepsy Group’s Pediatric Epileptologists will be moving to the Children’s Minnesota Minneapolis hospital. There will be no change to the care team you’ve come to know and trust.
Parking information can be found on the Children’s Minneapolis website: Click Here
The Minneapolis campus will offer many of the same services that the St Paul campus offers. Please find a full list of services available on their website: Click Here. Please be aware that due to the length and reason for your stay, you may not be able to utilize all the amenities offered.

When you check in for your inpatient stay you will be given more information about the services and amenities available at Children’s Minnesota- Minneapolis campus. If you are not given a packet, please feel free to ask.

You can search for hotels near the Children’s Minnesota Minneapolis campus by using our address 2525 Chicago Ave. S., Minneapolis, MN 55404 or by asking your care team or a social worker.