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Level 4 Epilepsy Center

Minnesota Epilepsy Group is designated as a level 4 epilepsy center – the highest rating by the National Association of Epilepsy Centers.

About Us

Minnesota Epilepsy Group is the largest and most comprehensive adult and pediatric epilepsy program in the Midwest.  As a regional referral facility, we are the recognized leader in treating epilepsy and other seizure-related conditions in infants to the elderly.

June 19, 2019 · by Meagan Weitzel · Patient Stories

My name is Mary and I want to share my experiences with epilepsy with you. It took a few years to find the right treatment for me so don’t get frustrated if it takes you awhile too. I was around 12 when I started to get these funny feelings. Nothing I could really explain just…

June 19, 2019 · by Meagan Weitzel · News

The Minnesota Epilepsy Group, PA congratulates Dr. Agarwal for being recognized as Top Doctor Rising Star for the third consecutive year. Minnesota Epilepsy Group (MEG) is one of the nation’s largest and most inclusive, NAEC level IV epilepsy centers, providing, state-of-the-art diagnosis and treatment options for individuals of all ages, from infants to older adults….

January 29, 2019 · by Doug Smith · Epilepsy

There are many different types of genetic tests available to doctors treating epilepsy. Some of them are easy, low-cost tests that are less likely to find the cause of seizures. Some are much more expensive but are much more likely to get answers. When doing genetic tests, most epilepsy doctors start with the lower-cost tests…

November 14, 2018 · by · News

Using SEEG (Stereoencephalography) technology, Dr. Agarwal and the surgical team at Children’s Hospital of MN were able to locate where the seizures were coming from in Nicole’s brain. After her SEEG,  Nicole had surgery and has been seizure free while slowly weaning off some of her medicines. “At her last appointment she was brighter and…

November 14, 2018 · by · Epilepsy News

Epilepsy can affect anyone. In the US approximately 3.4 million people have epilepsy and 1 in 10 people will have a seizure in their lifetime. Join us and the Epilepsy Foundation to raise awareness about epilepsy this month! onein26.org endepilepsy.org