Dr. Penovich Retires

July 18, 2019 · by Minnesota Epilepsy Group · News

Please join Minnesota Epilepsy Group in extending our congratulations to Dr. Penovich on her retirement from MEG.

Dr. Penovich has been an integral part of MEG for the last 27 years and we are beyond grateful for her guidance, leadership, and dedication towards care of patients with epilepsy. In her illustrious career to-date, she has made a huge impact on care of women with epilepsy of childbearing age. She has also contributed to and co-authored multiple reports from the landmark studies (NEAD and MONEAD) on the developmental outcomes of children with in-utero exposure to anti-seizure medications and the effects of medications and seizures on pregnancy. These studies have made a paradigm shift in the field of epilepsy. As a neurologist with training in pharmacology, she was one of the principal investigators in most of the clinical trials that produced the new anti-seizure medications since 1984. She has been a prolific speaker on epilepsy and related topics at both local and national levels and presented clinical research nationally and internationally. She has been active with the Epilepsy Foundation of Minnesota on the Board and more recently on the Professional Advisory Board. She has been actively involved in the education of epilepsy among trainee physicians and leads the Neurology Resident Scholar Program. Dr. Penovich has been a vocal patient advocate and worked closely with national societies and patient groups in turning the spotlight on how epilepsy and the stigma attached to the diagnosis affects patient and their family’s lives.

In the next phase of her career, she plans to focus further on education and training for the next generation of neurologists and epilepsy specialists as well as contributing to advocacy efforts and guideline development. Thank you Dr. Penovich for your commitment to our patients, our mission, and to the field of epilepsy. You serve as the guiding light for all of us.


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5 Responses to “Dr. Penovich Retires”

  1. Beth M. Peterson July 28, 2019 at 7:17 pm

    So long Pat.
    You have made an enormous difference in my life.
    Your dedication, compassion, knowledge, sense of humor, and down to earth
    personality will be painfully missed.
    I thank you for the 20+ years of putting up with my antics and helping to
    reduce my seizure activity to nearly none.
    I will miss you dearly and don’t forget the rose bush!
    Love to you,
    Beth M. Peterson

  2. Dr. Pat took care of our Scott for years and years. We are eternally grateful for dedication and commitment to helping our son.
    Enjoy your retirement – you deserve it.!!!
    Steve & Kathy Goldsmith

  3. Thank you so much for your care of our daughter Jodi. We celebrate with you in your next phase. You have done SO much to help others and I’m sure that will continue.
    God bless you,
    Geoff, Linda, and Jodi Beth

  4. Thank you for being the best neurologist I could find in the Twin Cities. Thank you for listening to me and knowing brain surgery was the best option for me after exhausting other options. You changed my life and I am forever grateful. I miss seeing you and the chance to thank you in person once a year. Forever grateful for the amazing gift you and Dr. Dunn gave me nine years ago today.

  5. Dr. Penovich

    Thanks you so much for care of me since I was in my 20’s.
    You made my life so MUCH BETTER, I will miss your humor and
    down to earth SPECIALLY your personality.
    Enjoy your retirement—- you deserve it, me and my mother
    Will miss you.
    Maree J. Herder
    I hope this is the right one for the mail.

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